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Youth Programme

The Youth Work Programme is committed to providing a quality service for young people from the local community that is directed by the young people themselves and as such responds to their real needs.


Youth Work Programme Groups

  • Junior Group  (9+yrs)  

  • Secondary 1st year group (12 & 13 yrs)

  • Intermediate Group (14 - 16 yrs)

  • Junior Leaders Programme (15 – 18 yrs)

  • Water Safety Programme

  • Drop In & Swimming  

  • Residential Weekend Programme X 4 per year in Wexford

  • Summer Programme – 4 weeks

  • Midterm Programme - 2 weeks

  • Easter Programme - 2 weeks

  • Special activities programme:

    • Bullying

    • Development Education,

    • Anti-racism training

    • Drug awareness.

    • Mental Health issues

  • Inter-generational Crafts Programme

  • Soccer Programme for girls

  • Educational / social trips in Dublin city

  • One-to-one and group educational and employment progression support for individuals

  • Drugs, Sexual Health & Health & Beauty Programme for 15-18 yrs group

The Aims of the Project

To prevent young people from getting involved in anti-social behaviour and drug/alcohol use through the provision of alternative programmes that meet their needs.


To provide a dynamic range of programmes to young people from the inner city that will equip them with key skills such as communication, teamwork, youth leadership and self-initiative.


To promote integration and share good practice through partnership projects with other youth groups in the Dublin area.


To integrate the work of LYCS’s four programmes of activity: Community Training Centre (CTC), Adult Education Programme and Childcare Centre with the Youth Work Programme.


To ensure that Youth Work Programme activities adhere to Health & Safety legislation.


To continue to offer special activity programmes during the year and thematic projects e.g. drugs and alcohol, sexual health, nutrition and fitness educational programmes.

Target Group

Our participants are drawn from social housing complexes locally and are considered to be at risk but may not have as yet engaged formally with the Gardai, Probation & Welfare and/or the Courts.


Young people are selected on the basis that they:

  • Live in the immediate local area and/or

  • Referred from other services e.g. youth groups, probation and social services, local schools, Community Training Centres,  


LYCS uses the following methodologies in its service delivery:

  • Centre based afternoon, evening and weekend programmes

  • External residential educational programmes e.g. Wexford Centre and camping programmes; day trips outside of Dublin.

  • Drop in –promotes recruitment of new members who then transfer to an appropriate smaller group

  • Group work –small groups who complete a task or explore an issue e.g. arts/dance event or bullying

  • Educational development programme - on specific topics e.g. sexual health awareness, drug/alcohol awareness, development education, anti-bullying.

  • One-to-one advocacy support for individuals e.g. information on educational progression routes, welfare advice

  • Outreach programme – working with other services as a means of gaining referrals, devising common solutions to problems effecting young people.


LYCS works intensively with groups of 10-15 young people in each session except for our Drop-In which could have up to 25 young people in the centre at one time. Over a week all of our young people participate in our services. Our summer programme offers intensive one day programmes for each of our groups rather than having all of our participants in the centre at any one time.  This is to ensure delivery of a high quality service for individual participants but it is also at the request of the young people who showed preference for accessing intensive, mostly external, programmes, less often rather than large group centre-based activities each day.     

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