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About the Lourdes Youth Community Centre

Profile of LYCS and the North Dublin Inner City

Lourdes Youth & Community Services (LYCS) was established in 1984, as part of a broad based community development movement, which emerged in Dublin’s north inner city in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.  


LYCS is an integrated community based education, training, recreation and development project which is concerned with giving participants the opportunity to become involved in their own development and the development of their community.   The organisation is locally based and participatory.  Personal and social development are seen as inextricably linked to the development of local community resources.



To encourage people to be aware of their own power and how they can use it to effect change, and that every person has the right to participate fully in their own, their communities, and their country’s development.



LYCS programmes and activities.


To address the diverse needs of the local community LYCS operates the following programmes:


First Steps Crèche and Preschool

LYCS First Steps provides 80 places for children from 1-5 years each day in our crèche including free Pre-School Places.  Many of the parents of the children who use the crèche are drawn from all four programmes within LYCS and live locally.


Youth Work Programme

The Youth Work Programme offers afternoon, evenings and weekend programmes plus regular trips outside of Dublin for up to

80 young people aged 10-21 years.


Community Training Centre (CTC)

40 Early School Leavers have the opportunity to gain certified training in FETAC Levels 3 & 4 in a range of modules and subjects including Childcare, Sport and Fitness, Woodwork, and Childcare.


Adult Education Programme

Provides informal training and education for over 70 women and men each week, all of whom have little or no history of formal education.


Development Education

LYCS facilitates the promotion of development education within the community development / education sector in Dublin’s North Inner City and across Ireland.


Community Employment Scheme

LYCS operates a CE Scheme with 30 participants some of whom are based in LYCS while others are placed in community projects throughout the north inner city.

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