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2021 Progression Report


The LYCS CTC is proud of the successes of learners who have progressed onto further education and employment. The importance of career planning is emphasised from the moment they start the programme. Each learner is assigned a key worker who meets the learner once per month to discuss their progress, their challenges, any issues they may have and refer the learner for more specialist support if necessary. Our Advocate (Career Guidance Counsellor) will also meet with learners regularly to ensure that they have the best possible advice and guidance for their future.


Achievements during 2021:

  • During 2021, 2 external QQI auditors reviewed our learners work portfolios. As part of the audit, they inspect the QQI quality procedures and processes carried out by our tutors and management. Our centre has achieved "very effective" the highest possible standard

  • More than 100 QQI certificate were achieved by our learners for 2021

  • 25 Learners completed Manual Handling training 

  • 25 learners engaged in remote and online work, owing to Covid-19 restrictions. This included being provided a CTC laptop to facilitate working from home.

  • 6 learners completed Digital Media and Art workshops in the Firestation Artist Studio on Buckingham Street

  • 15 learners participated on work placements in various organisations including: LYCS Creche, Dealz, Clarks Shoe Shop, Sports Direct, Marks and Spencer, NYP2, Cabra Sports Club, Thai Restaurant Camden Street, The Mater Hospital, Dublin Airiport and McDonalds with some securing employment directly from the work placement programme

  • 10 learners progressed onto Further Education and Training Courses

  • 7 learners progress directly into employment


Clare Daly 

KURT GEIGER FASHIONS, Arnotts, Henry St, Dublin 1

"I joined LYCS after I left school because I wasn't sure what I wanted to

do with my future. When I started I did modules at Level 3 and then

progressed onto the Level 4 programme, I completed the Major Award 

in Childcare at Level 4. As part of the work experience module I did a

work placement with Marks and Spencer in Clarion Quay. After finishing

the work placement, they offered me part-time employment in the

evenings.  I decided to leave M&S when I got offered a position at Sports

Direct. When I eventually completed my time in LYCS, I was looking for

full-time work and was able to secure my current job in Kurt Geiger.

I really enjoyed my time in LYCS and feel that the support that I got from

the staff during my time there helped me build my confidence to not

only complete my studies, but they really helped me pursue my plan to

get a full time job in retail.  The best memory I have from my time in LYCS

was having laugh with the group on an outing to ZipIt Outdoor Adventure

Centre.  For me, LYCS was not like a school but we still got the work done,

while having a laugh along the way"


Learners are encouraged to participate on work placements regularly to enhance their skills and to focus their attention on further education and training or employment options. When learners are ready to progress they work closely with their key worker and the advocate to develop a personal progression plan. 

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