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General Development Education Resources is an online resource focused on the unequal and unjust nature of the world today.

Partners Training for Transformation is a group of professionals working for social justice through grassroots community education. They have published various handbooks and resources. 

Saolta is a new Development Education strategic partnership programme for the Adult and Community Education sector in Ireland, offering training for citizens and adult and community education practitioners. 

Peter Menzel’s Material World A photography project featuring photos of families from all over the world and all their stuff.

Dollar Street by Gapminder  An interactive resource showing different levels of income and wealth (and material possessions) around the world.

The Global wealth Inequality 

Gapminder: 200 Years That Changed the World

Gapminder:  Hans Rosling and the Magic Washing Machine

Hummingbird Wangari Maathi’s thoughts on being an activist for change

Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh The effect of globalization on a small town in India

Trade & Neoliberalism

Free Trade 101 A 3.5 minute video about how trade and investment agreements increase corporate power, erode state sovereignty, weaken democratic authority and are central to the neoliberal framework of privatization and deregulation.

Neoliberalism has brainwashed how we see ourselves   Young female vlogger explains what neoliberalism is and how it impacts people. 

TradeAid: Trade Justice: why world trade rules need to change

LYCS Activities

Handbook of Activities for Use with Adult Groups  This resource is a brief description of various activities we devised or adapted to use with groups of adults to explore themes such as development, interconnectedness, trade and neoliberalism, inequality, food and women's work. 


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