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Community Employment (CE) Scheme

LYCS provides work-based training places for twenty-six long-term (6 Months+) unemployed people (age *18+). Twenty-two of these places are based in LYCS and four are based in local community organisations. The CE programme aims to meet the needs of individual participants on their journey from unemployment to employment. Through the provision of basic and softer skills training, and specific educational programmes, individuals enhance their self-confidence and employability.

*Early Years Educators can start from 18 years, other are from 21+


Programme Aims

  • To provide a structured training and employment programme for adults who are long term unemployed.

  • To support participants in their transition from unemployment to work.

  • To work with participants on an individual basis in an effort to meet their development needs and develop a training plan.

  • To engage with sponsors and employers in the local area in order to provide meaningful and worthwhile work with a view to further training and progression.


Places and Participation

39 people participated in CE throughout 2019 in the following organisations.

Work of the Scheme:

  • Recruit CE Workers for local projects, with the aim of targeting those individuals who will most benefit from being on a CE Scheme

  • Providing funding to support staff in terms of wages, training, and materials

  • Ensuring that participants are supported in their work, training and progression plans

  • Providing information to participants on a range of rights and entitlements

  • Ensuring that the Individual Learning Plan for each participant is implemented

  • Providing one to one support in job seeking skills,  C.V Preparation, Interview Skills, and job exploration

  • Supporting  individuals to make the transition from unemployment to employment

  • Following up with participants who have left CE in the last six months to provide them with ongoing support to help them find employment or further training opportunities


Progression on Community Employment in 2019:

15 participants completed CE in 2019, 53% progressed onto employment/education

Community Employment Training:

LYCS offers participants a variety of both certified and uncertified training options in line with participants development needs.  In 2019, 26 participants took part in certified training, and 39 participants took part in uncertified training.

Accredited Training (Minor Awards)

Un-Accredited Training

Major Awards Achieved 2019

One participant received QQI Major Award in 2019

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