October 31, 2018

NCCCAP and LYCS Community Training Centres merge

LYCS CTC and NCCCAP CTC merged in 2018.  All learners from LYCS and NCCCAP have joined together to form a new CTC.  The merger allowed us to re-evaulate the training needs of the community and we have updated the curriculum to meet that. We will adding new courses over the coming years and look forward to moving into our newly renovated premises in the Old Rutland Street National School in 2020.  Exciting times ahead!!!

July 14, 2017

LYCS Launches New Website

Lourdes Youth and Community Services (LYCS) is an integrated community development project based in Dublin's North East inner city. Through it's four programmes, LYCS works with approximately 250 children, young people and adults every week, in the areas of education and training, social, cultural and recreational activity.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website which will allow visitors and funders to learn about our projects and contact our staff. Our new website will enable us to continue to support our community and help you get the information you need. 

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Lower Rutland Street, Dublin 1

Phone: (353) 01-8363416

Charity Number LYCS CHY6806

Company Number 99806