February 14, 2020

Our Wait List is Open!!!

We will continue to keep our waiting list open. However, the list is particular long so please put your child’s name down as soon as they are born (or even before they are born!)

June 15, 2020

!!!Birthday Time!!!

We are well settled in Hardwicke Street and looking forward to celebrating our 1st Birthday on 16th July 2020

February 14, 2020

First Aid Training for Every Parent!

We will be collaborating with the LYCS Adult Programme and the LYCS CTC to run some classes for parents in the near future. This includes ‘Parent First Aid’ training. Please let Lesley know asap if you are interested in attending.  (see attached flyer)

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Lower Rutland Street, Dublin 1

Phone: (353) 01-8363416

Charity Number LYCS CHY6806

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