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Our Former Staff - Development Education
Rachel Dempsey

Rachel Dempsey

Rachel Dempsey worked in LYCS from 2009 to 2020. As well as playing a part in devising and delivering accredited and non-accredited development education training in the broader development education programmes delivered by LYCS, Rachel specialised in the area of Education for Sustainability. She worked with many groups to run training and events in particular around the areas of Food and Waste. As an ethnomusicologist and community holisistic singing facilitator, she also ran sessions on the use of music in education for transformation. She can be contacted here

Helena McNeill

As a community educator with LYCS for over 20 years, Helena worked with people in exploring the root causes of global poverty and inequality, and giving voice to their experiences.  She wrote the handbook ‘Connecting Communities: A practical guide to development education in community settings’ (LYCS, 2005). She provided strategic leadership on development education in the community: training and mentoring practitioners and leading the Community Sector Working Group of the Irish Development Education Organisation.  She can be contacted here.

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