Enquire About Participation

Anyone interested in a participating should contact the centre by filling in the form below and clicking send, and we will contact you and help you through the application process

Alternatively you can contact us by phone and we can chat with you about your application. Or you can send us an email with your contact details and some information about yourself and we will contact you within one working day.


LYCS is located on Beaver St, Dublin 1, but most of our developement education programme takes place off premises. There are two part-time members of staff working on the Development Education project:

Helena McNeill deved@lycs.ie

Rachel Dempsey racheldempsey@lycs.ie

Or You Can Phone Us


Lower Rutland Street, Dublin 1

Phone: (353) 01-8363416
eMail: info@lycs.ie

Charity Number LYCS CHY6806

Company Number 99806